The Kindzi Project!

Soo I’m in the midst of my new project, which for now I will call the “Kindzi Project”. If you have ever watched Defiance (to the end), you know exactly who I mean, but for those who haven’t, you’re gonna get some pictures anyway.

kindzi defiance - Google Search: omec kindzi - Google Search:

I chose to model the Omec Kindzi from Defiance, because she’s a badass, end of. =p
In all seriousness though, I really needed a project that I was going to enjoy the whole way through, one that wasn’t going to put too much pressure on me mentally, yet could still have high expectations. With this project I can practise the new things I have learnt on a portfolio piece.
I also thought it’d be fun to mess around with purple skin and strange eyes.


This is a rough moodboard of the kind of pose I am going for. I plan on rigging her into a creepy pose with jaws wide revealing her fangs, meaning I’m going to have a go at facial rigging… I don’t know what I’m up against yet but no doubt it’ll be fun to learn. As a note to myself, I think I’ll try researching morph targets in animation for her teeth, so I can mimic her second set of fangs morphing out of her 1st human set.


At first with this project, I wasn’t finding it all that fun and I think it’s simply because I was sculpting anatomy all over again. With the Male Study, it went on that long that it took all of the fun out and part of this feeling carried over into the start of this project.
However, at some point I seemed to have a break through. I was already aware that trying to get everything perfect was killing my creativity and fun, so at some point I just sat down, stopped thinking about it and just sculpted. Instead of trying to sculpt the whole body together, I split the body into parts and focused on one part at a time, spending maybe an hour or two on each. I still had my 3D reference on the 2nd screen, but I simply stopped trying to get things perfect.
Basically, I managed to find a more intuitive way of working, ignoring the perfectionist in my brain and allowing the fun to creep back through.


I threw on placeholder hair whilst sculpting the facial features to help me check the likeness between my model and Kindzi. I also threw on some colour for the same reasons. Both will be upgraded later obviously 🙂
I managed to achieve this during the midnight-morning hours of the past week, as opposed to the painstaking progress of the previous project (oo alliteration), which literally went on forever. So, as a way of keeping up with this newfound mindset and momentum, I went on to making the basic panels for her armour pieces, whilst wondering how to create the cloth underneath. I made another quick moodboard and scribbled so I could understand how the clothing was going to work, then set to it.


During my elf guard project, I learned a lot about dynameshing, panel loops and zremesher and how I can use them to force a basic shape and so I used this knowledge to produce shapes I needed. So far I have remeshed the neckbrace to be low poly, whilst I still have the rest of the armour pieces to either create or remesh.

Soo since this post the plan is to carry on creating basic panels for the armour and have a go in Marvelous to figure out the best way of making the cloth underneath. Then, when I have all of the main primary shapes in (Body, clothes, hair), I’m going to go back to the face and improve the likeness.



Okay so the plan was to post this on the 15th, one month since my last blog post. It literally slipped my mind as my grandma has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t like talking about personal stuff on my blog, so I wrote and rewrote this paragraph until I deleted most of it to say at little as possible. Anyway, despite everything that’s going on right now, somehow I managing to still enjoy my work and I’m making more progress now than I have since I left Uni. Looking back, I’ve transformed a lot this year.

I’ve also started teaching a friend the ropes of 3ds Max online, writing tutorials, doing paintovers and giving advice. It’s been refreshing to work in 3ds Max again after being in zbrush so long and it’s been great to see how far I’ve come since first starting game art.



Anyway, here’s where I’m at now. I’ve gotten the face to a better likeness, though it still needs work. I also wanted to import a crunched down version of my model into Marvelous Designer, but I’m having problems with the arrangement points and so can’t get the patterns to curve around my custom avatar. I’ve had to revert back to zbrush until I can figure out what’s going on. I still need to make the back panel of her dress. During the Male Study project, I don’t remember this being an issue, but I didn’t save the file so I can’t investigate. But that’s game art for you! 😀

Defiance (2013) Screencap:

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