Endings and Beginnings

It’s been 10 days since my last blog post, a lot sooner than the last post. This morning, my grandma passed away after fulfilling her wish of making it to her birthday, November 25th (which was also a full moon) and so it felt right to write a post and mark down this day. She was a strong lady and didn’t want us to be sad, so I’m going to try and channel our loss into creative energy instead.

I love you Brenda, I will miss you always!
Rest in Peace


So, since my last post I’ve added in the details to Kindzi’s armour, created her necklace, created a better likeness, had a go at the folds of her dress and tested out the IMM strands.


Before getting into the armour, I threw together another moodboard of her hair to help me decide how to make the hair alphas. I decided I’d need 3 variations of hair, long, short and medium and that I will find out further in the process whether the 3 variations can be used across the different lengths or whether the stretching and distortion will be too obvious.


I threw together another image giving me a better idea of what’s going on with the armour. I couldn’t find any good references for the back of her armour at the time so knew I’d need to improvise.


I had a lot of fun (not without a slight headache) making the neck jewellery by following a tutorial and makng my own adjustments. It’s not perfect but it definitely does the job!




The details for the armour was the biggest challenge as I couldn’t quite get the panels right. I’d thought about making the panels and polygroups in 3ds Max, but thought the holes could be a bit fiddly and that I was having too much fun in zbrush. So I stuck with it and had fun figuring out why things were going wrong (as usual), screenshotting and taking notes. Eventually, something happened that looked kinda-good-but-not-quite-but-I-guess-that-will-do, so I worked backwards to figure out what it was I did, then went back and did it all over again.


I repeated this for all of the armour pieces, though I was aware that I hadn’t quite got the design right – the indents aren’t as sharp, but with the method I was using I would end up with holes in my mesh if I added too much bevel. Now I’ve gone through the method I know whereabouts in the process 3ds Max would have been most helpful. I’m also aware of the fact that when ti comes to baking, the indents might not show up very well and so I’m already thinking of ways around it, if it comes to that.


After this I faffed around with her dress. I figured out how to get the arrangement points working in Marvelous , but after making the clothing patterns and sewing etc, I wasn’t getting any decent results and seeing as I’d already made the armour I thought I might aswell try sculpting folds. Again, I did some rough versions and screenshotted them to get an idea of what looks right. What with it being rough, I tried to improvise the folds as a way of remembering what I’d learnt from the folds tutorial (in a previous post). I’d like to try improving a few more times before gathering some more reference and trying for the final sculpt.
I was also trying to bear in the mind the rigging implications – What with going for a full-length dress again (not intentional!!) I know too well from my fmp that the rigging is going to be a pain. However, with the pose that I’m going for I’m hoping it won’t be too much of a problem. I’ve also decided that I’m going to create a second outfit for her, as it would be good practice, especially with rigging.

For now though, here’s where I’m at. I also added in some more placeholder hair, this time my own IMM hair strips from earlier hair tests.
I’m going to make some more though, as the current strips are too high poly to work with. I also have other bits left to do, such as making her two sets of teeth (which will be lots of fun!) and finishing off the hands and head, then joining them to the body. Once everything is joined, I plan on doing a final pass of likeness and proportions, before moving onto retopping and unwrapping 🙂

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