The Journey

The Journey Challenge

I’m currently working on my entry for The Journey Challenge on Artstation. I’ve decided to go for a kind of modern day shamanic healer / witch.


For this project, I’m not trying to do anything overly complicated, so that I can focus on each element carefully and get all the necessary details in good time. At this stage, I’ve created a basic concept with no real tertiary details, as I’m going to bring the model up to this basic stage first, then do paintovers and mess around from there.


I’ve been having a bit of a bad time with her back but I’ve forced myself to move on, otherwise I’ll be faffing forever.
I’ve made a quick curly hair alpha but I doubt it’s going to work all that well! If it looks dreadful then I think I’m going to be making a curly/afro hair strand from scratch in zbrush – fun fun fun!


Quick scribble-over to get my brain working


Currently, all items are made ready for texturing/rigging, excluding her bangle chains, eyelash alphas, book and crow familiar. I also need to remember to fix her back before baking!

Kindzi Project


Before I started the Journey Challenge, I was working on Kindzi again, where she is currently at the texturing stage. I’m trying to take my time with texturing, to really identify stages/ processes that I’m not comfortable/familiar with, in an effort to work out the kinks now to allow a smoother workflow in the future.

So far I’ve been focusing on her clothes and armour, as I have less experience with clothing than I do with skin.

JGC WIP Render

I’ve also rendered a quick video of my progress with my game. All progress so far is engine work – everything else is placeholder, as I will be making the dragon and other assets at a later date.

With this I’m looking forward to working on more stylised creature characters and environments as it’ll allow me to go with the flow a bit more instead of noodling over realism. It’ll also allow me to have a bit more fun with texturing.

Monster Challenge

Whilst I was off to a good start with this guy, personal life managed to take a huuuge bite out of my time with this project and I once again fell short on texturing. I had big plans for repeating patterns and really wanted to nail the texturing as it was good practice for organic materials.Still, I’ve found ways of speeding up the sculpting/modelling/rigging pipeline, so it was frustrating that I couldn’t pull the final textures out of the bag in the last few days of the challenge. However by this point, the work/life balance was well out of whack, so I cut my loses, submitted my design, then ignored 3D for a few days to recuperate!


It was tricky deciding how I was going to make the parts of the monster and in what order, but it was also nice being able to sculpt creepy skulls/body parts which helped keep the frustration at bay.



By the time of the second WIP screenshot, I was starting to run out of time. Morale was at a low too and the productive, enthusiastic energy I’d recently gained had disappeared into thin air. A week before the challenge deadline, I didn’t really have any energy left. After retopping and unwrapping, I think I had 3-4 days (a weekend?) left to texture, which at the time felt like loooads of time (“It’s gonna be fiiiiiine”).



When it actually got into texturing however, I felt at a loss. Texturing is one of the only areas that isn’t up to the standard I’d like, and I haven’t developed many quick, efficient workflows that leave me time to add those finer details. With the monster, I tried to quickly throw on base textures, then work the details up. However, I’d also missed out on a lot of paintovers where I’d planned on finalising the colour palette (to a colour scheme from a dream I had as a kid :3 ) and tertiary details, so I generally lacked direction, no matter how much I tried to speed up the process.

I dream of a new super computer, that allows me to have more than 3 programs open at once and render 4k textures, but for now, I’m going back to basics and revising how to simplify the texturing process with the Kindzi Project.


T Designs

I also sent off my first t-shirt design for critique and feedback on Threadless. My “colouring-in” skills still need work and so I’m trying to get more digi painting practice in. Whilst I didn’t get a lot of feedback, someone commented that the gradient may not have helped the design and I have to agree with them. I’m still a noob at this, just gotta get it wrong a few times before I can get it right!


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