Kindzi Updates

It’s been a while since my last post, as I haven’t had much time to spend on personal work recently, but here it is! Admittedly I’m struggling more and more to get my laptop to do what I want – I have to be careful with the size of my high poly sculpts in zbrush and extremely patient and careful when using UE4 which is becoming quite a hindrance in my workflow. For now, I’m having to just take my time and be as efficient as possible in terms of what my laptop can process, though it does make it difficult learning new things in UE4 – eventually I’m hoping to have Kindzi animated in UE4 with a nice moody, atmospheric scene to go with her. I’m just hoping my laptop will be able to get to the end result!

Kindzi Fan Art


So here’s my progress of Kindzi so far – I’ve spent some time rigging before I go back to texturing again.
Generally with texturing, I plan on:

  • Polypainting her skin and getting the gold sparkly/glittery variations in
  • Adding eyelashes
  • Carry on texturing her armour
  • Make her shoes
  • Add tertiary details and eventually blood, bullet holes and wear and tear.
  • Texture her teeth, tongue and inner mouth, then eventually create the morph targets needed to get her teeth to ‘grow’.

Here is how she appears in Marmoset Toolbag – I’m quite happy with how her hair has turned out so far, it’s the best hair I’ve managed to do so far.
However I have quite a long way to go before I get a similar result in UE4.

Currently, I also have a basic setup in UE4, however progress has been painfully slow, as my laptop can’t really handle UE4 😦  Eventually, the end result will be to have a basic animation of her moving into an attack stance with jaws wide and mutant teeth extended – I’m relearning/remembering how to import characters and animations into UE4 and also how to set up a basic environment as I have less practice at that.

This video shows my basic rig testing with her pose at the end.

Currently I’m unsure why her jumpsuit texture has turned black during the walk cycle animation (there’s always something! xD), but sometimes during skinning the shading goes a bit weird and doesn’t return to normal when coming out of the skin modifier. Hopefully this won’t carry through into UE4 but I’ll have to see when I get there!

The Journey


Here’s a quick render of my progress with the Journey. I’m not very pleased with the design of this project, but I feel proud of my progress with the texturing and so I’m a little undecided where to go from here – I do kinda feel like I’m polishing a turd, but I’ve invested a lot of time and learnt a lot and so it feels worth it to carry on.

So far I plan on:

  • Adding in a small environment/podium ie. Grassy ground with flowers and possibly a small tree
  • Carrying on with texturing, tweaking colours and adding finer details
  • Changing hair possibly
  • Adding in ‘magic orbs/flames’.
  • Doing what I can to push the character further.
  • Changing the pose, as the current angle doesn’t really do much and infact feels quite awkward to me.

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