20160218_182952My name is Tamsin Spick and I am a graduate of Game Art Design BA (Hons) at De Montfort University in Leicester, which is aSkillset accredited course. I have recently finished an internship through DMU Graduate Champions. I am an aspiring 3D Character Artist.

I chose Game Art Design as I want a career that allows me to be imaginative whilst keeping me challenged, as I’m curious to see what I am capable of. It allows me to express myself and my curiosity with the world.
I am strong-willed and an independent learner and I’m naturally curious about science, nature, the unknown, weird and wonderful. I love researching and collecting reference for my projects as I always learn something new that expands my mind, giving me new perspectives. This gained knowledge then allows me to create unusual ideas with personal projects.

Email: tamsin.spick@hotmail.co.uk
Portfolio: tamsinspick.weebly.com
University Blog: tamsinspick.blogspot.co.uk
Final Major Project Blog: tamsinsfmp.blogspot.co.uk

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